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Oct 5, 2010 - 10:29:00 PM

HIEXX~~~~~~~~~ here i am again!

today i had an outting with vanessa, clara, & fongy! fun fun :D (Y)

We went va's gugu condo hse to relax relax~ actually we wanna swim then furo bath, followed by sauna..BUT the kns nb pcb management say the furo bath and sauna onli residents can use...wa lao! cannot invite frenz meh! so selfish sia =.= so...in the end we swim swim nia then bath and go eat korean food liao xD the korean food restaurant is located at bukit timah =) highly recommended!! we orders 4 sets of bibimbab, with around 10 side dishes (cant rmb all LOL!)..total each person $11 nia...WORTH RITEEEE :D think of the side dishes i wan drool liao xD after the meal we all de tummies big and round LMAO la!

pic of few of the side dishes...
we did a 4th time refill..
bet the kitchen staffs must be cursed and swearing us
LOL my leftover...too bloated liao...cannot finish ah!!
theres la and va...lmao!! eat till bth! stuff n stuff!! too nice liao..cant help it =X
we machiam lik 7th mth festival ghosts forget go back hell...lmao!

This is me... =3

Oct 3, 2010 - 11:06:00 PM

another tiring day!! ~.~ went MacRitchie Reservoir with family...follow the trails and walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk....quite bored =.= but i'm awake by the MONKEYS. I like it!! so cute O.O theres monkeys from babies to adults! heeee....

Here's some of the monkey pics i took :D

Here's one of the videos i took HEEHSS

After the tiring walkkk...we went AMK Hub to eat dinner and shop =) Had nasi brani for dinner and bought one new slippers from Mondo (favourite shop) YAY! wanted a pair of new slippers since very long ago lmao! :D:D

and then...home sweet home ^^ ciaos~

This is me... =3

Oct 2, 2010 - 11:51:00 PM

wooo tired!! juz reach home xDDD

today swimming with baobei so fun =3

HEHEHE!!! lazy river and wave pool with float! lmao...spinning around with the float...with those water splashing over you...and the waves very fun...high sia xD best part is playing water with my baobei :D

after swimming we went imm...eat dinner...and bought our very first cpl keychain *.*! lik it so much =3 coz its not very obvious that its a couple keychain..and the design i
s cool =X

I LIK IT~~~ x3

HEEE thx baobei for the fun day =3 muacks!

This is me... =3

- 12:09:00 AM

HEEEE hiex again!

Today's a great day ^^

Firstly, my baobei booked out today! YAY xDDD

Secondly, went swimming with my sis (with new googles *.*) :D & is planning to go swimming with my baobei at JE tml! woots! cant wait! =3=3

Finally, juz finished another blogskin! Done it tgt with my di again :D he make image i make template! I feel that this background really is nice!! *.* di so pro LMAO!
Main Theme: Kaichou wa maid-sama.

Its an anime ^^ highly recommended to watch! very sweet =) It is still on-going btw.

Heres the link to the blogskin:

alright i shall end my post here ^^ off to auditionsea! :D bye bye!
dun forget to support us! arigatou! heehs

This is me... =3

Sep 30, 2010 - 6:17:00 PM


Just finished a blogskin together wif my di.

Main theme: Danbo-kun.

how we came out wif this theme? My di likes danbo alot. Domo-kun too! actually wanna mix danbo and domo tgt. But it'll look quite weird. So, we focused on danbo! :D
hehehe! We spent half a day for this blogskin~ I make the template, my di make the image. Teamwork! Happy with the result. Its our first time working together on a blogskin ^^ (Y)

Heres the link of the danbo blogskin =3

Lai support us! lmao! thankeuus!

This is me... =3

- 12:06:00 AM

hiex once again! its been soso long since I updated my blog.

hehe! finally i m done with my new blogksin. I spent around 1 whole day to finish it. xD
I'm satisfied!! woots! gazette + kuroshitsuji~~ aaaa~ high ah!
dun say theres no link between them! there is!! the opening theme for kuroshitsuji 2 is by the gazette, named "SHIVER". ;D

You can listen to this song thru my mixpod player ^^ and also enjoy rest of their songs!

And yea if u noticed, I did a mass clean up on the exit links aka "Other Diaries" in my blog category.
Do update me if you wanna be linked! :D THX!

This is me... =3

Mar 2, 2010 - 2:18:00 PM

waaaa today i tio stink awake sia!! si turtur!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

wan slp longer also cannot =.=!! the smell is omg omg...overwhelming de sia! @.@...

forced myself to wake up then after wash up go wipe the shit.....=.=.....nearly vomit lmao...

after tt! i go check my turtur bed...she shitted on the cloth! so i had to soak it....n the chaos starts!

the soap powder drop to floor n half of the powder is spilled out on the floor!!~~~ and its not toilet floor!...its the floor outside toilet....TIAN AHHHH...

clean till i wan faint...plus my turtur keep anyhow walk!! ask them dun come in they still come in! grrrrrrrr.....!! make till the floor so many turtur foot prints =.=....spreadin the soap ard...n i need wash off soap from them...argh! wipe soap lik creating more soap...=.=! now my fingers so itchy! jialat sia omgg...lucky there is a drain nearby..i can juz splash water n clean off the soap...if not really hell...~~

then after tt my mum ask me mop floor!! whole hse somemore! omg omg omg...tiring sia!! after mopping floor...i need feed my turtur! search my turtur...fill up 7 containers wif water....put them in....lolssss tired!!

early afternoon exhausted liao....suay day man...HAIX!!!

but i m so glad i finished everything n bathed...feel so REFRESHED now! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

=3=3=3 oh yea!! i got one nice anime to intro! which is K-ON! its very very funny n kawaii!! so far i watch till ep 7...hehehe total got 14 ep + i think 6 special ep....heeeee!! its about 4 girls making a band...very nice!! make me have the urge to learn electric guitar sia LOLLL~

okiex i go play game liao..sayonara! ;D

This is me... =3

Mar 1, 2010 - 9:23:00 PM

weeee i juz finish creating a new blogskin... xDDD

spent few hrs making it LOL! simple simple one =3

hope its nice and many ppl will like it! wahahahAhA!!!

its juz a random creation...hehehe!!

this is the link to my new created blogskin...its also my 4th blogskin xD

to view my profile and more of my previous blogskins
this is the link...

i m still not a pro yet...i still need more learnings! ;D

This is me... =3

- 12:15:00 AM


juz finish bathing ^^ juz now went for my ah ma's birthday dinner..hehehehe!

its at eastern ocean..lmao! onli one restaurant in s'pore sia! the food there is nice!! but sure ex @.@

hahahhaa!!! then ah ma gave me big big ang bao! woots additional money for cny LMAO~ $.$

sian!! tml goin for my nxt sem internship de briefing...wonder wat i ll do in in-house internship sia...some say do proj in sch..some say work in sch...dunno which true..faint! nvm tml will noe liao =3 hahahahaha! i really hope my proj partner will b someone reliable!! if not i sure die till omg...i dun1 solo whole proj sia...terrible!!

so sad dar dar no pei me go!!! T.T but its okeix..i go myself since its awhile onli..heeeeeeeeee.....anyways nxt sem i ll b goin sch n goin home alone most of the time...since my dar dar alrdy graduated...SO SAD!!! nvm i ll get used to it...@.@

oh yea!!! i wan go kbox!! when ah when ah!! its holiday!! muz enjoy ah!! omg omg omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg....i ll b waitin for kbox day LMAO~

heeee i go play game liao! bye bye!!!

This is me... =3

Feb 26, 2010 - 1:20:00 PM

woo yea!!!!!!!!!!!! exam is finally over!!
i m free i m free!! HAHAHA!!
i can play wonderking and blackshot for as much as i wan!! woots!!

hmmx i m thinking if i should go work part time anot...hahahaha!! but my holiday break for ard 1 mth nia...got ppl wan employ meh!!

then if got also dunno wat kind of work...sian!!

i wan watch alice in the wonderland n toy story 3!!! HAHAHAHA!!

march faster come~~~~ @.@!!

This is me... =3